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    7 Clear Signs That Your Boyfriend Will Marry You


    7 Clear Signs That Your Boyfriend Will Marry You

    Are you looking to find an elusive sign that confirms that your man really wants to marry you? do you feel like you’re ready to move things to the next?

    Do you worry that everything feels so right between you but there is something holding him back from proposing to you? If that is the case, then here are some signs you should eventually be looking out for;

    1.   He uses the word ‘We’

    When he refers to both of you as ‘we’ rather than ‘you and I or me’ then this is an indication that he sees you first of all as his partner.

    2.   He believes in marriage

    Another reassuring sign that he wants to marry you is that he believes in marriage and hasn’t mentioned that he would not want to get married. It is to your advantage when your man believes in marriage.

    3.   He doesn’t joke when people talk about marriage

    Another clear indication as to whether your man is thinking about marriage is seen in his reaction when others talk about marriage. In the kind of world we live in now, talking about wedding and marriage is seen every day.

    4.   You’re part of the family

    If he takes you round to see his family all the time and you feel comfortable enough to go to his family’s house on your won, then it is a clear sign.

    5.   He talks about your future together

    Another clear sign that he will one day put a ring on your finger is when he is always eager to talk about the future with you in it. Many men like talking about the future of their relationship and if he includes you in it then it’s clear enough.

    6.   He talks about kids

    This conversation mostly doesn’t occur to women because they never expect it from guys. However, if your man brings it up when you never did, then you should know he means business.

    7.   Giving off some hints

    Most men don’t really give off any signs that they have thoughts about marriage and so it can be hard to spot a change in their commitment. If that’s the case, you can bring up the topic in a subtle way and see his reaction.

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