Actress Uche Ogbodo explains why she dated and got pregnant for a man much younger than her (Video)


Actress Uche Ogbodo, is out to explain why she dated and got pregnant for a man who is much younger than her. She revealed this In a video which she posted on her Instagram page.

The actress said she had dated men who were a lot older than her in the past but they all left her heartbroken and this lowered her self-esteem. She made particular reference to her ex and child’s father who she said battered her emotionally.

According to her, she was with men who were older than her but none gave her the love and happiness she desired. She said she took the decision to date a younger man after a friend of hers asked her to try them out.

Speaking further,

she said ”I used to see a guy who is thirty years old as a child. I used to see guys who are thirty years old as a babies because I am used to dating my grandpas, grandfathers, thinking that’s the best decision for me. But, all these grandfathers, what they do is demoralise me, made me understand that I am not special, made me understand that there is nothing in me, that the strength that I feel that I have, I don’t have it.”

She said while trying to control her tears that this made her decide it with a younger person.