Announcement! Announcement!To All Affiliate Members on Nairaplay.


NAIRAPLAY MEMBERS UPDATEAnnouncement! Announcement!To All Affiliate Members on Nairaplay.

A Must Read!

It has come to the notice of the admin that some recent comment made by the members of Nairaplay does not suit the news being published.

By and Large,
this actually has negetive effects of which the Admin and the sponsors of this channel does not agree or comprehend with. In order words; such comments are not welcomed to this site in order to earn cash, it only proves that the person did not read or understand the news being published and thereby goes ahead not to give a viable or well polished comment regarding to the post.

  Comment like; ”wow”, ”hmm”, ”interesting”, ”nice”, ”ok”, ”thanks for the update”, ”yeah” etc.

Some might even go with the idea of copying and pasting and using of Emojis’ which dosnt condone’s with the terms of NairaPlay. For this, the Admin has decided to be going through all comments and any comment that does not suit the required post will be  deleted and the earnings also will be deducted from their wallet.

So for the sake of NairaPlay Community Growth and all your Earnings, you are required to give a sumptuous comment regarding to the post u read.

…..Thanks for your undestanding….

The comment box is provided below for any question regarding to this post, also your opinions are also needed.

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    • this is Exactly what we are talking about
      see this felixglory nw typing hmmm
      if you don’t have anything to say jejely pass, dem no go beat u…..

  1. I concur to this pls, I can’t comprehend reasons why some human can’t jst b up right in their state of psychology. Pls comments simple means ur thought to what u have red not jst saying sumtin bcs of selfish interest of the money pls changes begins wit us