Be A Man And Make Your Move When A Woman Shows You These 5 Signs


    Hello, my wonderful friends, in this article, I’m going to be talking on how to know if a girl likes you. It’s going to be specifically about 5 signs to know when a girl wants you to approach her.

    Knowing if a girl likes you or not can be very intimidating at first because it’s confusing but is completely normal.

    However, once you learn how to read the signs, it actually becomes very easy, a lot of guys who seem to always understand women and get the girls they want understand these secret, it’s about knowing who is interested and who is not.

    Top 5 Signs To Know If A Girl Likes You

    These things totally and legitimately work, they are things girls do when they think you are cute.

    1. She frequently glances at you and then looks away when your eyes meet

    This depends on the girl sometimes, some may hold your gaze for a little while and then look away if she’s a little bit confident or knows you a little bit more, some might just look away immediately you catch them looking at you.

    If you frequently catch her looking at you and then looking away, that is a sign and it means she likes what she sees, she wants to talk to you, she’s wondering what you’re doing so she’s checking you out but because she’s nervous she looks away when you catch her.

    2. She tries to touch you

    Whether consciously or subconsciously, let’s face it, when you think someone’s cute, you’ll want to touch them. Some girls are very bold and they’ll just touch you straight, other girls will playfully touch your arm few times while talking, teasing or joking together, some might just walk or sit very closely to you without noticing it.

    Just open your eyes and you’ll notice some of these signs in girls that like you.

    3. She laughs with you a lot

    This happens a lot, even if you make jokes that you yourself know are not that funny, she still laughs. It’s a very good sign, you can even do it on purpose to see for yourself.

    Crack a dead joke and if she still Laughs, that’s a good sign. A reason is this, women like to laugh with you for some reason that it makes them feel connected to you.

    4. She licks her lips when she’s around you

    If you’re thinking she wants to kiss you anytime this happens, you’re right. If she likes you, i guarantee you that it has crossed her mind and that may be the reason she’s licking her lips in front of you.

    Although sometimes when girls are around guys they think are cute, they really get nervous which can also make them lick their lips.

    5. She smiles at you

    Obviously this one is very easy but sometimes can be misunderstood because she might just be a nice girl who laughs and smile with people easily. So please don’t assume with this sign that she likes you immediately.

    Read the cautions to not make mistakes when reading these signs.

    CAUTION: if you walk up to a girl and say Hi and she smiles back at you, it does not necessarily mean she likes you, she might just be trying to be polite.

    If a girl easily smiles at other guys and easily hug them, it can’t be a sign that she likes you when she does the same to you but if she hardly smiles at guys or hug them then you can count it as a sign when she does it to you.

    The best way to know this is to make sure she gives you more than one sign, the best green light you can get is if she shows you two to three of these signs and it’s a special behavior she shows to only you.

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