Buba Galadima: The only achievement of Buhari’s regime is to stop blaming PDP for Nigeria’s mishap.


During an interview today with Buba Galadima, a Nigerian politician (PDP spokesman). He said Buhari has failed Nigeria in every sector, he hasn’t done something tangible for the past 6years, as Nigeria’s economy has been totally crippled in Buhari’s tenure.


He said, the current population of Nigeria is 203 million and approximately it will be 237million in 2023, that Buhari government is not prepared for the index coming in terms of infrastructure, employment and so on.

He said apart from that, security in Nigeria has deteriorated greatly, he used southern Kaduna as example, He said in quote” Southern Kaduna came to demonstrate prevalence of insecurity.


He said to be candid, I haven’t seen any achievements of Buhari Administration that the only achievement he can point to is that Buhari’s Administration has stopped blaming PDP for the misfortune of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Aliyu Abdullahi, the SSD media to the president exclaim his disappointment with the way Buba had spoken, that it was actually expected of him to talk rashly like that since he was an opponent party of Buhari’s Administration, but however, he should stop giving inaccurate information about Buhari’s government because he has done a lot of things in terms of infrastructure like the rail system from Lagos to Ibadan, tarred road in the north east of Nigeria.

Also, he said “Buhari Administration has done well in security because no states is under Boko Haram governance unlike in 2015 before Buhari came into power. He said a lot of other things during politics today on channels television. He said Buhari should be greatly commended on Agriculture sector (Rice farmers). He tackled Buba Galadima that security state of the country is not the work of only the government because politicing security will not make it achievable rather every citizen should do their part in the security state of the Nation.

The show was concluded by a thrilling question Aliyu asked Buba, he said in 2003,2011, he brought the idea of Buharism that between that time and now why did he change.

It could have been better if we hear Buba out because he was actually a supporter of Bihari those period

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