Don’t Tell People These 3 Things About Your Business – Zip your lips or kill your business; the choice is yours!


Zip your lips

Stop telling people these 3 things about your business, it can affect its growth. You better Zip your lips or kill your business; the choice is yours!

Has it ever crossed your mind to consider why some business are more successful than others? Is it that one person is well thought, drilled and prepared than the others? What does someone struggling in business needs to do to flourish? Then let’s go through this article, we might just find a satisfactory answer to our curiosity.

Every individual must rise to responsibility and accept blame where necessary. Some lines of actions are the major reason why people fail, it’s not because they are poor mentally or God is not happy with them. Success in life, career, ministry, among others, has its own principle which everyone must follow strictly.

In that sense, we need to take a look at 3 things one need to stop saying to people in order to make a major breakthrough in business.

1. Never disclose your source of income. People don’t mind killing themselves to stop you from succeeding.

While we cannot let go of the fact that we have to relate well with anyone that comes our way, since we cannot really tell, who is evil or good, we cannot still afford of letting lose of some secret about our lives. Most people often see it as a sign of transparency, when they tell people this is what am doing, I earn this from it.

It’s not everyone that have good intentions towards your well being. Telling people your source income could lead to jealousy, strive and hatred, especially if those ones are not making it the way you are doing, therefore, we must try to be secretive about our business a bit in order to protect our dear life.

2. Avoid telling people stories about their money, be diligent and honest.

Another point to note if we want out business to flourish is to stop giving excuses, or telling stories that touches the heart about people’s money. Many artisan, business people among others, are often found not accountable, and sometimes, they try to give unnecessary excuses when it’s not needed.

Without doubt, there’s no business we will do without money, trying to add other people’s money to our business at the expense of their comfort could be detrimental to the growth of our business, so instead, let us be plain, and stop telling people what they would not want to hear when it comes to money issues.

3. Never tell people the amount you earn.

Another important thing to note, if we really want to progress in life is that, we must know how to shut our mouth as regard our income. One of the things this will earn you is respect.

If your earning is small, yet you are living fine, People will respect and envy you. But if you are the type that run your mouth anyhow to disclose how much you earn, be sure that one day, they will insult you with it.

In other way round, if you are earning big, and you didn’t disclose it anyhow, you will save yourself of some unnecessary intruders, who will frustrate your life with incessant begging.

You are valued, and honored among people when things are not known about you. Learn how to be mute sometimes.

Hope you found this article helpful?

In your own opinion, what other things do you think one must not tell other people to save their business. In what areas of life do you suggest we Zip that Lips for success and breakthrough to do the talking?

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  1. Number 1 is very important. People on great achievements to announce their journey they just disappear to accomplish it, when they come back, their wealth speaks for them.
    Number 3 is also important too.