Everyone is guilty!… 6 Excuses You Are Giving Yourself That’s Holding You Back From Being Successful


Do you ever think about the excuses you give yourself which end up pulling you down from becoming a better person you actually wanted to become?

Success begins with you, with your mind and thinking and how prepare you are. It won’t be easy, that’s the truth and you must be ready to face life squarely if you truly want to achieve greatness.

Most people destroy themselves unknowingly and waste their chances of becoming someone great because of the excuses they give themselves from starting that Business or learning that Trade, and before they know it, it’s already too late for them to get it right or get started at all.

The goal of this Article is to bring your attention to the series of excuses you and many others have been giving that’s holding you back in Life and how you can tackle them in order to achieve greatness and become a successful person you are destined to be.

Here are 6 Excuses you are giving yourself that’s holding you back from being successful.

Let’s go.

1. I Don’t Know Where To Start or How Do I Even Start?

Truth be told, you’re surrounded by opportunity. If you pause reading this right now and focus on it, you’ll probably come up with 3 ideas that excite you on the spot.

You’re under the impression that you need a UNIQUE idea in order to be successful, that’s wrong. You can can pick an already existing idea, just polish it, add some juice so you can standout from others.

Ideas are worthless. The difference is in the EXECUTION. Deep within yourself you know exactly where to start and what you need to do to get this project you’ve been considering going. It’s just that you’re scared of failure and embarrassment. You’re scared that you don’t know enough meanwhile you know a lot but if you don’t start, you won’t know.

Well, here’s an eye opener statement for you.

You don’t need to know the entire course to take your first step! Just start and you will keep learning along the line.

Take a piece of paper, write down 3 things you can do to get started after you finish this article, then proceed to do those things – Thank us later 😉

2. I Will Start Tomorrow Or Next Monday

Why not start right now? You know it’s the right thing to do but why do you have to keep postponing it when you can just get it done now or start right now?

The best time to start was yesterday, the second best time is today!

The problem with postponing actions into the future is that it make it easier to keep pushing them away. This type of behavior bleeds into all aspects of your existence and make you avoid taking the action you know would improve your life.

That’s why people never quit smoking. They postpone it till next Monday and continue postponing which makes it completely difficult to stop until it eventually leads to serious lungs problem.

Sometimes, you need to be hard on yourself in order to get some things started or done – it will lead you to Greatness (Not many will have the courage to start).

Stop procrastinating today and you will see your life getting better in every way.

3. I Still Have So Much Time Na

Actually, No, you only have just now to choose if you will be the Market leader or not.

Let me shock you, one million other people are thinking about that same idea you think is Unique and known to you alone.

Who makes the grand move of starting that idea and turning into a Startup has a better chance of becoming the Market leader and with the right plan in place, you can remain the Champion for a very long period of time.

Someone said this generation is the generation of talkers and not doers – don’t be part of those talkers, be a doer.

4. Thinking You Can’t Make It In A Field Because Many People Are Already There

A whole lot of us are on this table and so many people have let that dream and idea that would have change their life die inside of them.

Many feel too many people are already doing that same business/trade and as such, they decide to let go off it because they think they can’t make it not remembering the sky is wide enough for all birds to fly.

This is a very terrible mindset and you should eradicate it if you truly want to become great..

There was Cement in Nigeria before Dangote cement came, there was NTA before Channels TV came but today, the latter are the ones directing their respective industries.

You must be willing to attack the Industry with killer ideas, be ready with plans that will revolutionize everything and change the narrative.

5. If I Had More Time, Then I Would Do More

Well, in case you don’t know, you and those making it big in life have the same 24hrs a day. How you go about your day or choose to live it determines the outcome.

We believe that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.

It’s amazing how much you can get done with an extra hour of focused work. You can easily do that by cutting an hour out from your 8 to 9 hours of sleep you get every night.

Track your day since waking up until you go to bed and you’ll realize you waste almost half of your active hours.

… and always remember => There’s a difference between being busy and being productive!

6. I’m Too Old To Start Now / I’m Too Young To Start

A whole lot of people are guilty of this attitude, too bad.

You are 30 years old and someone advised that you go get a Degree that will cost you just 4 years of your life but you think you are too old 😒

Well, whether you for the degree or not, you will still be 34 years old in the next 4 years. Why not go get it started immediately without wasting any further time.

Go start that Business/Work/Trade now, stop thinking you are too old. Whether you start or not, you will get older as time goes on and you might regret you did not even start earlier.


Thanks so much for reading this beautiful piece, we appreciate your time and everything.

May God lead us all through to the path of greatness as we go about our life 🙏

Let’s Talk!

Which of these excuses are you most guilty of and what plans have you made to stop being a victim of it?

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  1. I stay strong in prayer.
    I make sure, I know what I want and also apply hard work to make sure succeed.

    If you keep on making an excuse, without applying hardwood or solution. You are just pouring water on a rock.
    Heaven help does who help themselves.

    Long live PUK FORUM.

  2. Laziness is the real cause of any excuse we make apart from environment or sorrounded issues which propel it.laziness is very bad and most time people misunderstood laziness to being somthing else,laziness is not iddleness,many refuse to do something they see and engarge to having something they do not see.For instance,many opportunities like online business etc are here and are lazy about getting involved. Pukforum is here many are saying am wasting my time,is that not laziness?hmmmmm,something is wrong with some people dear.thank you Pukforum.

  3. “What?!” your mind tells you. “You’ve put so much effort into this and no one has noticed?!! This is a waste of time, might as well stop now.” I vividly remember thinking this when I posted my first ever blog post. As the tumbleweed rolled on my site, and not even my mum left a comment, my blogging career threatened to stop just as quickly as it started. Be patient, be persistent and give yourself a realistic timeline to achieve the results you want.

  4. I Don’t Know Where To Start or How Do I Even Start?
    Truth be told, you’re surrounded by opportunity. If you pause reading this right now and focus on it, you’ll probably come up with 3 ideas that excite you on the spot.

  5. Sometimes we stop procrastinating and start taking actions, because procrastination is a spirit that keeps dragging you back, if u are not carefully you would experience failure and backset in life.
    My advice is stay focus, make right decisions and stop procrastinating!