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Nairaplay is an online community and a Mobile Workplace for News and Media Updates. You can earn unlimited cash rewards for contributing to the growth of Nairaplay Community when you join Nairaplay Affiliate Program.

Q: What is Nairaplay Affiliate Program?

Nairaplay Affiliate Program is a system designed to enrich the members and users of Nairaplay Website. An online program driven by a goal of solving the financial problems among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participant to earn residual income on weekly basis.

Q: What activities do I get paid for on Nairaplay?

On Nairaplay Affiliate  Program (NAP), you get paid for doing what you love best. Such as reading news, watching videos, selling digital products, sharing latest updates and more. We share our ads revenue with you. When you do activities at ₦airaplay, you earn cash rewards. Joining is simple and signup takes less than five minutes. Find more details and Register Here

Q: Why am I not getting paid for my activities on Nairaplay?

We do our best to make sure that all members earn cash rewards on almost all activities they perform on Nairaplay. To earn cash rewards, you need to make sure the followings terms are met.

  1. You need to check and make sure that you are logged in to your account as we only credit logged-in members for their daily activities on Nairaplay.
  2. You need to confirm that you have read the news update by clicking on Nairaplay Confirm at the end of every news update you have read.
  3. You need to watch sponsored videos till the end and confirm watched video at the end of the video post.
  4. You only get paid for shared posts via the visits they receive through your shared links and only the links shared using the share buttons below each post gives credit to members.
  5. You only get paid for reading news and media updates once per article as stated in our Earnings breakdown below.

₦airaplay Affiliate Earnings Breakdown

We share our ads and referral revenue with you weekly when you make Nairaplay community your news and media household. All activity earnings are paid in coins where 1000 Coins = ₦100.

Below is a breakdown of Nairaplay Affiliate Earnings:

  1. Refer your friends and family to join Nairaplay Community and Earn ₦200 for every successful registration (unlimited)
  2. Earn extra ₦50 when your referred friends refer their friends to join Nairaplay community (unlimited)
  3. Earn up-to 40% commission on sales for items sold via your Affiliate Link (Unlimited)
  4. Daily Login – Earn 200 Coins for daily login to your account. (once a day)
  5. Read News – Earn 20 Coins per confirmed news read (earn once per news read)
  6. Post Article – Earn 500 Coins per approved article. (unlimited)
  7. Sharing Posts – Earn up-to 100000 coins for visits referred from your shared posts (daily).

Q: Are Multiple Account Allowed on Nairaplay?

No! Multiple accounts are not allowed. Please read our terms and conditions for details on what is and what is not allowed on Nairaplay.

Q: What Bank can I use to Withdraw My Earnings on Nairaplay?

We process payment to all Banks in Nigeria and payment to OPay Accounts. Users who currently do not have a bank account can create a free Opay Account. You can contact our support team for assistance (Only for Members of Nairaplay Community).

Q: Can I register without a Bank Account?

Yes. You will need to provide a valid bank account details when requesting withdrawal.

Q: Can I withdraw my earnings with someone’s Bank Account Details?

No. You are required to provide a valid Bank Account Details that matches with your profile on Nairaplay. If provided Bank Account details do not match with your profile, your payment will be placed on hold till such account is updated. This is important as it helps us fight fraudulent activities in our online community.