From Okirika Clothe Seller To A Millionaire, Meet Sandile The Young Boy Who Became A Millionaire At The Age Of 23


From Okirika Clothe Seller To A Millionaire, Meet Sandile The Young Boy Who Became A Millionaire At The Age Of 23

In this present age, amassing wealth is more or less the goal that drives people to fight and live on. The Poor wants to become Rich and the Rich wants to become Richer. They do all they can, try new strategies, day after day, inorder to move to a higher level.

Most times, it doesn’t always go as planned. Most people end up dead before their lucky break. Others are already quite too old to really enjoy their wealth and all luxury that come with it to the fullest.

Generally, People, especially here in Nigeria hustle quite a lot and only a handful, make it to atleast seeing themselves as financially balanced before the age of forty(40).

This is for most people but a certain young man as well as a few others has a different story. This young man’s story has to be singled out because the means and circumstances by which he made his wealth is really an intriguing and daring one.

He became a multi-millionaire at 23 and has achieved what so many youths his age and even older only dream of.

This young millionaire has an underlying character that has seen him get to the height he has reached today but before I shade more light on this, I will further introduce him to you so that you can get in line with my perspective.

This young millionaire is none other than Sandile Shez. He is a young South African who didn’t grow in affluence.

Few years ago, he was just a boy trying so hard like so many here in Nigeria, to figure out how the world works, secure the bag and live the rest of his life a happy man.

He had always had good eye for business and wanted to own one. As early as his high school days, he started selling Muffins, better known as ‘Cup cakes’ to his mates just to keep the in-flow of cash. He graduated from selling cup-cakes to selling fairly used clothes, better known as ‘Okirika’ on the streets and from house to house.

Through this little ventures of his, he was able to both raise better funds and also understand little dynamics about business and how it works.

Soon after, he stumbled upon a more fascinating business venture—Forex Trading. According to him, at first, he wasn’t really big into it but as time went on and with the little knowledge and profit he was gaining from it, he realized that if he could put in so much more energy into the venture, he would sooner than later break the shackles of poverty gripping him.

He set out with his new plan and was bent on seeing it through even to the extent of dropping out of the University in just his third year. He took an even bigger risk when he put in all the money given to him by his friends as well as his own, meant to pay for their school fees into the Forex market but unlike the normale, where moves like this end in tears, massive beating and some time behind bars, it paid off. He had become a millionaire overnight amassing about $2.3 million.

He still knew the worth of education and went back to the University. He now has a National Diploma in Public relation, advertising and applied communication. He also went abroad to run a leadership program which he gained from Harvard University. He is currently the CEO of the company he established.

It seems too good to be true, right? Well, it didn’t all just come overnight. There are underlying factors which are responsible for his success and I’m here to expose the to you. You have come this far, read till the end, those who don’t would be losing a lot.

Foresight and Dynamic Approach to Wealth

By foresight, I mean he planned for the future. He knew that he was in a bad place and that he had to do something to build and get better. He mapped out means to achieve his goal. Although, one isn’t totally incharge of all the circumstance surrounding oneself, you still need to control the much you can. He didn’t just sit and wait for a lucky break. He worked Hard and Smart.By Smart, I mean his dynamic approach to business. Some people work really hard but are not dynamic enough to get to their goals. They remain in the same type of business without any form of upgrade. They fail to realize that you mustn’t stick to one source of income to upgrade.

Sandile understood this and he made sure to always promote himself. He moved from profiting ventures to even more profiting once. He didn’t just remain a ‘Cup cake’ or ‘Okirika’ seller and pray day and night that it miraculously makes him a millionaire. He upgraded himself to more plausible ventures.

Sandile didn’t attend the best school in South Africa but he didn’t joke with his education. Shortly after he made this break,a few years back, before he enrolled into the University, I listened to him speak in an interview. You should also do some research about him, listen to him speak and find out if what I’m saying is right or wrong. When you hear him speak, you will surely fall in love with being educated.

I found out that the fact that he had eyes for business and hadn’t completed his University education didn’t fry his brain. He not only spoke fluently, he also made a lot of sense… infact at that time, he was already an Educated Scholar.

Something else I noticed about his Education is this, he didn’t just blindly choose any course, maybe because it’s a popular course or that it will make his rich. He chose a course that would augment him especially in areas where he was lagging. He knew he wanted to become a boss and also effectively groom others. He knew he needed to ‘Communicate effective’. That’s why he chose the course, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication.

A Mentor

Most people don’t even have anyone they looks up to. They think it isn’t necessary or good because they hear “Don’t try to be like anyone else, Be yourself”. They forget to acknowledge that every single thing you know today as an average human, from your name to the English alphabets to the knowledge you have of school or business, you gained all from someone.

When you have a goal, there is no better way to making sure you reach it than first of all studying how those who have successfully achieved that same goal came about it.

Sandile made mention of a mentor named Van Der Riet, who as of now they both co-own their company. He always made sure to learn as much as he could from Riet who had been into Forex for an even longer time. He made the right associations and it paid off.

Being Trustworthy and having a Good Name

My friend, now I know a Good Name is truly better than Silver and Gold. Are you asking how? Didn’t you see what I wrote earlier? I said his friends gave him their school fees to pay for them. Mark the word ‘friends’, not just one friend… friends!.

How many of your friends can you comfortably give huge sums of money and remain assured that it is in safe hands.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to justify the action he took in using their money for his business (that’s not for me to judge), I’m laying emphasis on the fact that for them to trust him enough to give him that amount shows that he had already gained their trust and indeed he was a Man of Good Will and Character.

Think about it!… Where would he have gotten that amount of money to embark on the mission that would see him become who he is today. He was not rich, the bank was too risky to borrow from, he hadn’t enough capital but God made a way.


God is the most essential and evident part of his success. Without God, he could do nothing. He could not have had the insights and opportunities he had. Above all, God made a way where there was no way for him. Where others tried and failed, he succeeded. Imagine what would have happened if God wasn’t on his side and he used his friends’ fees to do business, like most people who gamble, it would have crashed and he would be left with absolutely nothing but misery but God didn’t let that happen, he smiles today.


For me, Discipline is the true stuff men are made of. Without discipline, no man can stand. Discipline is the ability to do the right thing even when you don’t feel like doing so.One of my Mentors, Dan Lok, one of the greatest Entrepreneurs, was of the opinion that you should never pray to get rich quick for you will also get back poor even quicker. You should work for your money and truly know it’s value but this young man, Sandile has proved him wrong.

You must hear of so many people who bag the money overnight, whether by gambling or by fraud, most of them end up finding themselves useless and wasted. They spend big and unnecessarily on parties, women and other ephemeral things, only to find themselves back at square one.

At such a young age, Sandile has been able to discipline himself and put those things aside. Nothing stops him from hitting the club every single night till he has had enough, but as he said, he wants to stay focused and on track inorder to achieve more.Giving back to the People

Proverb 28 vs 27 says “Givers never Lack”. When you give, you shall also receive. Apart from God’s promise of a constant supply when we give, I also feel a sense of fulfilment when I help someone out in any way I can… I’m sure you feel it too. Also when you give, not only will God be there for you, most people will be behind you. I mean… People will love you for your kind gestures to them. No one will bring you harm when he or she is solidly gaining a lot from you.

Sandile also understands this point and that’s why through his foundation, Sandile Shez Foundation, he has already equipped more than 2000 young men and women through scholarships. His foundation also focuses on making better the health status of Africans and he plans to expand it even further and all for free. He truly believes that God has blessed him to bless others.

Dear friends, if you are one of Sandile’s friends whose school fees he used, what what be your reaction?

Dear Parent, if you find out that your child secretly dropped school to pursue business, what would you do?

Finally, do you think there is another reason, Sandile was able to make it so early, share with us below by commenting.

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