GERD: “No intention to harm” Egypt and Sudan ― Ethiopian PM Ahmed


On September 27, 20201:00 amIn Newsby Temisan Amoye

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GERD: Egypt, Sudan pullout from Nile Dam talks with Ethiopia

GERD: Egypt, Sudan pullout from Nile Dam talks with Ethiopia

Ethiopia Prime minister Abiy Ahmed stated the country has “no intention to harm” neighbouring Egypt and Sudan.

Comments that come after months of negotiations over the Renaissance Dam, situated upstream of the two countries, have failed to produce any agreement.

Egypt has warned the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project could have devastating effects on its economy. As the Nile river’s flow would be diminished to fill up the dam’s reservoir, Egypt would lose on its main source of scarce freshwater resources.

A situation Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he is willing to avoid.

“I want to assure that we are firm in our commitment to addressing the concerns of downstream countries and reaching a mutually beneficial outcome in the context of the ongoing African Union-led process”, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, stated in a recorded speech to the United Nations General Assembly.

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