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Get paid to write blog posts on Puk Forum

Hello every, I’m Godson. As a blogger I know how painful it is to be blogging for years and yet, no payment received. Some will say, why don’t you just apply for Google adsense?

Well those that have adsense running on their blog will believe me when I say that Google adsense is not a guarantee that you will get paid for blogging.

Some years back, I can still remember how many times my adsense earnings frustrated me. I was earning $0.01 per day and no checks for almost 3 months. But that was then.

This site I’m going to introduce you to is a Forum for bloggers. And they pay bloggers upto One-Hundred Naira per approved post (N100). Now imaging dropping 10 posts a day, that’s 1000 Naira something most bloggers can not even boast of earning from adsense or adsterra or mgid in a month.

Though, I must warn you that the admins and moderators have Zero (0) Tolerance to junk posts.

The Forum pays its bloggers every Saturday. You can Click HERE or use the link below to see payment proofs if you don’t believe me.

The website name is Puk Forum – Bloggers guide and solutions centre. If you are already a blogger here, and your posts are not being approved, drop a comment and I will show you how to make posts for fast approval.

If you are not yet a member, it is not too late to join. CLICK HERE for more details about Puk Forum Bloggers Affiliate Program and Sign-up here.

I do not have much to say, there are other paid activities on Puk Forum that you may find very interesting…

There’s actually no limit to how much you can earn as a blogger on Puk Forum.