Glo felicitates with Nigeria at 60, urges compatriots to uphold peace, harmony


In a goodwill message to mark Nigeria’s Diamond Independence anniversary, Globacom enjoined citizens at home and in the diaspora to uphold these unique virtues to overcome the current challenges bedeviling the nation.

“It’s been 60 years of resilience, determination and a never-say-die spirit for Nigeria. For Glo, it’s been 17 years of imbibing and showcasing this same spirit to the world”, the company said.

The company noted that Nigerians have every cause to celebrate the numerous achievements, milestones and the country’s continuing status as one cohesive nation bound in freedom, peace and unity for the past 60 years despite its myriad of challenges. Globacom added that the nation’s composition as a country of over 300 peoples of diverse traditions, cultures, inclinations and beliefs should enrich and unite rather than divide us.

“Nigerians as a people should consider the unity of the country as a project that must be upheld by all of us irrespective of our diversities. In the same vein, the continued wellness and security of all compatriots from all tribes and religious divides should be of utmost importance to everyone,” the company posited. According to Globacom.

“All Nigerians should, to all intents and purposes, emphasise more on the values that unite us and ignore those that put wedges of attrition between us. We must love and respect one another and hold dear the sanctity of life of every Nigerian in all nooks and crannies of the country; we must relegate our tribal and religious differences, and hold dear the harmony, safety and progress of the nation and its peoples.

“It is heartwarming that digital telephony has further improved the life experiences of Nigerians with Globacom playing a pivotal role through Per Second Billing which granted access to millions and empowered all with innovative solutions and avant garde offerings. Globacom’s support for educational endeavours, culture, entertainment, sports and other worthwhile ventures have also been exemplary”, the company posited.

While wishing the country more years of enhanced development and growth, the telecommunications giant promised its subscribers seamless voice, data and Short Messaging Service (SMS) during and after the Independence Day holiday.

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Source: Pulse Nigeria.

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