Good manners is necessary for success in our daily lives for both children and adults


What is manner?

Manner: Is the way of acting or behaving.

General Manners in the Home

1. Say “Please” when asking

2. Say “Thank you” when receiving

3. Show respect for others and elders

4. Let others finish before you speak

5. Don’t use bad language

6. Ask permission before touching or taking things

7. Respect your own and other people’s property

8. Return things you have borrowed from others

9. Consider other people’s privacy. People need their own space but also consider their possessions.

10. Clean up after yourself. Help your family out by keeping your room, bathroom, and general areas as tidy as possible

11. Use polite phone protocol.

12. Write “thank you” notes. This is nice when you receive gifts or presents from people.


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Practice Manners at Mealtimes

13. Be polite when someone serves you

14. Put away technology at mealtimes and conversations

15. Listen and don’t interrupt when people are speaking

16. Understand the silverware code! Start with the cutlery on the outside and work your way in.

17. Use a napkin and try not make a mess at mealtimes.

18. Close your mouth when eating and chewing – nobody wants to see the contents of your mouth!

19. Ask to be excused before leaving the table

20. Don’t forget to clear your plate and clean up after yourself.


Having Guests in Your Home

21. Open the door for others and greet people with a smile

22. Shake hands and make eye contact when greeting someone

23. Offer to serve people who enter your home

24. Offer to take their coat or facilitate them with a seat

25. Stand up when an elder enters a room

26. A hug or a kiss for a close relative or grandparent is often appropriate

27. Don’t forget to introduce people in your home to visiting guests.


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Being a Guest

28. Don’t visit unless you have been invited or agreed that it’s convenient to do so.

29. Don’t assume you can stay as long as you want – establish a time limit.

30. Permission is needed from both parents/guardians if you want to stay over.

31. Offer to help out and assist when you are a guest in someone else’s home.

32. Clean up and tidy after yourself. This is especially true if you are staying in someone’s home for a few days.

33. Don’t forget to say “thank you” at the end of your stay. It would also be nice at this point to reciprocate and invite the person to your home.

General Manners Out and About

34. Say “excuse me” when bumping into someone

35. Don’t put your feet up on seats on public transport or indeed in anyone’s home

36. Put away your rubbish in a bin when out and about. Don’t expect someone else to clean up after you.

37. Offer your seat to an elderly or physically impaired person when in a public place or traveling on public transport.

38. Consider your use of mobile phone when in a public place – don’t disturb other people.

39. Consider the noise level of your portable music when out and about – keep the noise level down.

40. Be kind to the elderly and open the door for them.

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  1. Good manners are about respecting yourself and others. They will make life more enjoyable for you and for those you come into contact with. If you are well mannered others will be more comfortable in your company.