Good News! PUK Forum is back. See Latest Changes



Hello PUK Forum Affiliates.

We sincerely apologies for all inconvenience that you may have experienced during our system upgrade process. This upgrade was more than just an upgrade, it is a new development.

In the light of this new development, PUK Forum E-Settlement limited has made some major changes and we hope it is well accepted in good faith.

Below are some of the changes to PUK Forum:

  1. PUK Forum is now merged with Nairaplay. Therefore, the management of PUK Forum including links, visits, sponsored activities and payments is now legally transferred to Nairaplay Administration.
  2. Daily Login Bonus remains 50 Naira
  3. Sharing posts to Facebook Groups is no longer compulsory. You can do this at your own discretion.
  4. Posting relevant Comment on sponsored posts, Watching sponsored videos, Downloading Music and other sponsored activities will only be published on the sponsored activities section of Nairaplay.
    • You are advised to always check it out and also Allow post notifications so that you don’t miss any of the sponsored activities for the day.
  5. Affiliate Membership Fee will remain at ₦1500, Direct referral earnings is ₦500 and Indirect referral earnings is ₦100.
  6. You can also earn more money online (Upto 40% Commission) from the Nairaplay Shop Affiliate Program by promoting and making sales of products on Nairaplay Shop.
  7. Payment Threshold remains 1000 Naira and all payment requests will be paid out to members on Saturday of every week.

More update will be communicated to you in due times…

Thanks for your understanding…