How to Activate WhatsApp with Google Voice USA Number without VPN (Voice App.apk)



It is an obvious truth that Google Voice App is Made specially for resident’s of the United States. Google has their reasons for making it so but for some reasons, resident’s of other countries find huge interest in using the Google Voice USA Number for their WhatsApp and other social media accounts.

In this post, I’m going to guide you on how to activate WhatsApp on your device using Google Voice USA Number without VPN. This trick is working and 100% Verified.

Usually, you will be asked to install a very strong VPN for the Google Voice to work but VPN is no longer needed if you follow the easy steps I have outlined below.

Note: You must already have a Google Voice USA Number before you Begin this process. If you do not have an active USA Google Voice Number already, then Click HERE to get yours; otherwise proceed with your WhatsApp USA Number Activation.

How to Activate WhatsApp Using Google Voice USA Number.

  • Step 1: Click here to download Google Voice App. You can update it from Google play store if there’s a newer version.
  • Step 2. Login to the Google voice App with your Google Voice account Gmail address.
  • Step 3. Download and install any of your preferred WhatsApp Messenger from Google play store.

NOTE: You can have WhatsApp Messenger and Business WhatsApp on same phone.

  • Step 4. When your WhatsApp request for mobile number, input your Google voice USA Number there and wait for your activation code to be sent to your Google voice App.

NOTE: when adding your Google voice USA Number to WhatsApp, make sure you use +1 as the country code.

  • Step 5. Input the authentication code received from WhatsApp to complete your activation process.


Hope this helps.


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