Ground or Airfreight: What is the difference between both?


However, the best car shippers associated with state that it is important for you to know the ways a car is transported from one place to another.

When it comes to shipping a car, ground and air freight are the two main options. Some common factors like cost, convenience, effectiveness, and time should be considered while selecting the right option between the two. If you want to know the difference between ground and air freight shipping this post has a detailed description of both the options for you to have a clear understanding before you make your choice:

Shipping through ground

When it comes to relocation, ground shipping is the most common method among all the available shipping methods. Usually, trucks and trailers are used for shipping the vehicle through the ground. The car is loaded on a truck or trailer, made bespoke for car shipping purpose. These trucks are long and strategically made to hold the car safe during the transit.

You can choose a full service moving

Whenever you want to ship your vehicle, ground shipping is a great option. Almost all the movers who are offering full services package ship people’s vehicles through the ground using trucks or trailers. This method is also recommended because of its affordability quotients. A little negotiation with the company can help you make great deals.

You can hire containers

Yes, to reduce the shipping cost, you can also choose containers. In this method, movers will drop off the container at your front yard where you can load all your home belongings along with your vehicle to the container. Once it is loaded, movers will lift it from your house and move at your new location, safely and within the timeline. After the delivery, you will again have the container in your disposal to take out all the items and

You can also rent vans

Several companies rent a truck from the third party and then use these trucks for the shipping of home belongings. If you want to ship only a few items of your home then shipping these items in these rental vans is a good option. Though the items will reach a little later yes, you have to pay a lower cost to transport items.

These are the three main shipping options through ground. You can choose the one according to your needs and preference.

What are the pros of choosing a ground shipping option?

  • There are fewer chances of delay because of weather when you opt for ground shipping services. 
  • Even the largest appliances like furniture items and electronic items can be sent at a lower cost. The lower cost of the ground shipping method is its biggest advantage. 
  • You don’t have to wait for the schedule as you have to wait in case of air freights. 

Shipping through air freights

There are numerous numbers of cargo airlines available offering shipping services. With proper documentation, you can easily ship your home belongings through air freights. When you want to transport your items as soon as possible, choosing air freight is a good option.

What are the pros of choosing air freight?

  • You can send your home belongings quickly by choosing an air option. Therefore when it comes to sending your pet or food then air freight is a better option. 
  • This is a more controlled shipping option with great security. 
  • Cargo planes have a more direct route therefore they can ship your items even before you reach there at your new location. 

Choosing the best mode of transportation for your car as well as other household is very important for a safe and efficient relocation. You must also know what types of hazardous and perishable goods you must move and which you shouldn’t. Car shipping is a critical task and best be left to the professionals. Depending upon the type of vehicle and other items, the movers will offer you the best option and make your car relocation easier.

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