Have You Ever wondered why some people eat and never add weight?, Here’s why


    Have You Ever wondered why some people eat and never add weight?, Here’s why

    The way the body utilises food is one of the things that differentiates us from others. Some people don’t need to eat a lot and they gain weight. Some need to eat a lot to gain weight while some can eat everything there is to eat without gaining any weight.

    You see some ladies or guys out there who eat a lot but are not fat. You then ask yourself how this person eats a lot and never gains weight.

    According to Kathleen Melanson who is a professor of food and nutrition at the University of Rhode Island, there isn’t one specific answer to this.

    According to Kathleen, there are genetic, nutritional and even behavioural factors involved. The way these factors come into play vary in different people.

    She also added that those people who appear to eat everything they like without gaining weight, are actually not eating more than the rest of us.

    For example, a friend that seems to take ice cream and eat pizza all day might compensate for those extra calories by eating less of other meals.

    Another possible reason for this is because of physical activities. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to gym or working out. Some of these people who eat a lot and never gain weight are likely those who do not know how to keep still.

    They’re either people who pace a lot, have more active jobs, chase kids all day and so on. There’s even evidence that some people are genetically predisposed to always want to move their body. These kinds of people burn more calories and might never gain weight.

    Another possible reason is that some people have the tendency to be obese in their genes. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll become obese in life.

    These kind people might just be quicker to gain weight than those that don’t have the tendency in their genes.

    In the end, there are different answers as to why some people never gain weight.

    Slim people that wish to get fat should try eating more meals that has higher amounts of calories.

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