‘I dated her for 4 years’ Man narrates how he unknowingly dated and impregnated a 6 year old corpse


A twitter user going by the name Pluto_GP_ has left many in shock after narrating how he unknowingly impregnated a corpse.

According to the unidentified young man he only learnt of the fact that his ‘bae’ was a corpse when he went to visit her parents.

He was to pay damage fee (lobola) which in South Africa is paid when a man impregnates a girl before marriage.

Read his narration below,

‘I dated a girl for 4 years, she fell pregnant and gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby, bare in mind I’ve never met her family before.

So we decided to take it to the next level, pay damages first and lobola, she took me to her parents place.

When we got there I introduced myself her family started crying non stop.

I was very confused as to what was happening. My girl was seated next to me not saying a word.’

Pluto added that the girls father then dropped a bombshell.

‘Her father then told me their child had passed away 6 years ago.

They took me to her grave, at the tombstone was the Jacket I bought her, one she wore on our way to her parents, her favorite jacket.

I needed a wheelchair right away.

I went back home to our nanny we left the baby with, our baby was still there as we left her, she’s turning 2 next month.’

Still shocked and yet to overcome the shock Pluto further added,

‘I can’t believe I had sex with a dead person for 4 years.

Why did I have to meet her parents, wouldn’t have know she was dead.

How do I explain the child when she grows up? “your mother died 6 years before you were born”

2020 finish me off please. I still have flashbacks of how her parents screamed when I told them I was there to pay damages for her dead girl I just made pregnant.’

Other tweeter users were quick to support him stating they had also witnessed such weir things.

@Tumi4096: I believe your story cause it happened to my brother in Qwa2.
He fell in love with a dead partner till they arranged for marriage that’s when we knew she’s no more. The family did some ritual in order to let her spirit rest.
It’s sad but true and unbelievable but true.

@Queen4missL: Go get help n take care of your  baby I know familiar story like this back home Girl made a child with dead man and the guy family did DNA test cos they never believe turn out to be true I think hes 9 or 10 now
If hii sio a scene from Afro cinema then I don’t know what it is. Have you ever heard of such a bizarre tale?

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