If You’re Not Selling Your Skills To People Outside Nigeria, You May Not Escape Poverty (A MUST READ)


Except if you’re a political office thief, even local scam is not as profitable as scamming people outside Nigeria.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to promote fraud but the reality of this conversation is that as youths in this country, we are all in the struggle of escaping poverty, “ only if your papa na Dangote sha“.

The truth is, if you want to make it legitimately in Nigeria, you need to start acquiring knowledge that are sellable outside the shores of Nigeria.

It is very possible to be in Nigeria and be working for foreigners abroad as long as you know your way through it.

Why You Should Have A Skill Sellable Outside Nigeria

By now, you should realize that Naira is a very useless currency, the currency has no value even in Nigeria but imagine yourself earning in dollars and converting to Naira, you’d be a real big boy.

For instance, if you are a graphics designer in Nigeria, the highest someone can pay you for a normal flier design is 10k and out of 8 clients hardly will you get one that will agree to pay the 10k, “na so so 2k, 3k dem go dey offer you” – how will you buy benz with this?

But imagine, one foreign guy in need of flier approached you to design one for him, the least price he will propose to you is $50 if you convert that to Naira, it’s much money that the one a local guy will offer you.

By the time these foreigners start developing trust for you, then you can charge them any amount you want in USD. To gain their trust, you need to do good jobs and deliver at agreed time.

Which Skills Are Sellable Outside Nigeria?

We are in the ICT age and time whereby, distance is no longer a barrier for business relationships.

Therefore any ICT related skills can be sellable to people outside Nigeria while you are in Nigeria.

Skills like; Graphics design, Website Design, Copy Writing, Content Writing, Video & Animation production, Digital Marketing and lots more.

There are lots of websites online you can find foreigners looking to find people who can render these services all around the world.

If you already have one of these skills and you’ve not considered looking for foreign clients, then you’re still not ready to escape poverty.

To those who don’t have a skill that can be sellable outside Nigeria yet, it’s hightime you find one and learn.

Let me drop my pen here.

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  1. Wow! This post is really important to some people who never believe on any online related business.

    It’s very necessary that one acquire a skill that is sellable to the foreign countries, because, our money here in Nigeria is depreciating on daily basis, and that could not be done only by travelling abroad, but could also be done online with your smart phone.

    I really cherish this post! 😘