SAY YOUR MIND!! Is Virginity Really Still That Important?


Is Virginity still important

Hello Nairaplay Entertainment Lovers.

It is no news that most people are still wondering if virginity is still important in our modern day society. In fact, most girls even feel ashamed to talk about it most especially when they are with friend who have already lost it.

And if you are a girl reading this post, I am sure you have somewhere along your growing age also asked similar questions.

Of course, A lot has changed since this 21st century. With the level of sexual activities among the youth of today and the way society has changed, youths have quick opportunities to have their first sexual experience very early.

Although virginity has social implications and had significant legal implications in some societies in the past, it has no legal consequences in most societies today. The social implications of virginity still remain hidden. Nobody wants to be proud of being a virgin again including me.😂

So, how relevant is virginity in our present day life and what is our children’s attitude towards it? To be honest It is still not fashionable.

Let’s Play. Don’t feel shy. Just tell us your mind,

Is Virginity Really Still That Important?

Lets hear from you all

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