LET’s BE SINCERE ON THIS!! Forget Nigeria, Which Country Is Truly The Giant Of Africa Now?


Nigeria the Giant Of Africa!  WHO GAVE THEM THIS TITLE? – Well, it’s a long lost title 😢

This is because I am not understanding again. If Nigeria is the Giant Of Africa, it means Africa is in real big problem.

Let’s first examine what the meaning of Giant is before we go ahead with this conversation.

According to Cambridge DictionaryGiant is defined as;

A very successful and powerful person or organization

Merriam Webster dictionary defined Giant as;

A legendary human-like being of great stature and strength. Something usually large or powerful

The two definations above emphasized on power and success as the meaning of Giant in this context. How then is Nigeria the “Giant Of Africa”?.

Gone are the days when Nigeria still had the power and economic success to boast of being the Giant Of Africa.

I could remember Obasanjo always proud to describe Nigeria at every event he attends within Africa as Nigeria’s President.

Those days Nigeria had a strong military power to the extent that our Soldiers are always sent out to other African Countries for peace keeping but today, we can’t even win the war against Boko Haram in our own backyard 😭😭

How about in terms of economy and infrastructure? Some African countries are now doing better than Nigeria in terms of infrastructureelectricity, and economic development.

Those days when Nigeria use to export cocoa, cotton and other agricultural produce to other countries are gone.

Well, it’s been a long time the talk of Nigeria being the Giant Of Africa comes up as no Nigerian can proudly say it.

Now, let’s be sincere 👇

Forget Nigeria, Which Country Is Truly The Giant Of Africa Now?

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  1. Honestly telling you the truth Nigeria is the Giant of Africa because they are strong, powerful and wise, any country you go you must see a Nigerian. Nigeria is very talented you can see majority of the country, Nigeria are the highest, they know how to manage and maintain things even in a difficult moment they still hold the ground.