Let’s talk about this Grammatical Application Letter For Sales Girl job.


Nigerian lady’s Uses Big Grammar In Her Application Letter For Sales Girl job

The applicant while trying to impress her prospective employer, she wrote the letter with high-sounding words.

Dear sir.


Sir, with all due respect, I wish to apply for above subject matters.

This will enable me the distinguish my certain profession respectively apparently, I wish to apply for the Post of sale girl and my magnification occupation.

In this regard therefore anticipate and galvanize with obligation of this great occupation enormously in other to achieve my perspectives in this configuration and self disciple and hard working regard for superious and individual is my numinous hobbies in this phenomenon.

I will therefore be compatible to synchronized retrospect and repatriate all a past glory of our nation Nigeria.

Furthermore, I will be glad looking forward in this aspect to see my royal request have been given a favorable consideration to my cogitation.

Wow wow wow

I think she deserves more than a sale girl post.

What do you think about her application letter?

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  1. The letter is cacophonous at best. Here and there without any coherency or meaning.

    She should have strongly resisted the urge to deploy ‘big words’ and kept it short and simple- it is a business letter, after all.

    It wouldn’t take a genius to know that she just threw in a lot of those words without even trying to find out their actual meanings.

    I appreciate the effort, but letter-writing is clearly not her forté.