LET’S TALK: Are You Comfortable With Your Partner Having A Bestie?


We all are products of relationships and that’s the reason we value relationships in an important way. And Sometimes, these relationships clash with each other.

Personally, No, I’d never allow my spouse to have a best friend of the opposite sex. To start with, if I’m not your best friend why are we even in such a relationship?

For your relationship to grow stronger, that friendship with the opposite sex must either be reduced to just friends or better still, terminate it. For it’s just a matter of time before they cross a line.

I’m talking about, unhealthy feelings which eventually lead to aggressive fornication and even if that didn’t happen which I seriously doubt, that much attention and time you give to a supposed best friend of the opposite sex puts your partner in an awkward position. Don’t do it, it will end in tears.

What are your thoughts about this?,

Are You Comfortable With Your Partner Having A Bestie?

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