LET’S TALK!! What Is That Thing You Must Achieve Before You Leave This World?


In this life, you must know what you’re doing oo – everything you do should be geared towards a goal.

Some people will wake up in the morning without any plan to achieve anything with their life.🙆🙆 Haa!! Is that how you use to do?

People wey get plan gan never achieve anything talk less of someone without a clear-cut goal to achieve anything.

A friend of mine will say;

Aim for the roof, las las you will meet yourself in the ceiling

If you aim for the ceiling, Omo e be like say na floor you go still Dey las las

What this means is that, there is nothing bad in aiming big, even if you don’t achieve that big thing there is high tendency that you will get close to achieving it.

Strive towards whatever you’re planning to achieve in life. Do you even have something you’re aiming to achieve as a sensible human being?

Let’s hear from you 👇

What Is That Thing You Must Achieve Before You Leave This World?

Drop your comment with confidence that you’re going to achieve it


  1. The things that i need to achieve before i leave the world:
    1. Travel all around the world.
    2. Learn a new language.
    3. Try a profession in a different field.
    4. Achieve your ideal weight.
    5. Run a marathon.
    6. Take part in a triathlon.
    7. Take up a new sport.
    8. Go scuba diving / snorkeling and experience marine life up close.
    9. Go skiing.
    10. Trek the Inca Trail.
    11. Go horseback riding.
    12. Do an extreme sport.
    13. Climb a mountain.
    18. Perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return.
    19. Make a difference in someone’s life
    20. Start a business.
    21. Sing to an audience.

  2. In this life, there are millions of things that I will like to achieve, but the question is: can I truly achieve them? Yes I can. Believe that you will make it and see yourself making it.
    My goal on earth is to live a wonderful life, attain positions and at the end, make heaven.