Let’s talk! “Why Are Men Always Complaining About Women”?


“Why Are Men Always Complaining About Women”

If the guy don’t complain that a lady cheated on him, he would complain that she has stopped replying his texts.

Always asking what to do here and there and crying like babies.

My question is, don’t women get heartbroken too? Why are they not always complaining like guys.

Does it mean they are now more mentally matured and stronger than men?

If so, then I’m afraid to say that The Future will definitely be female.

What do you think about this?


  1. Most women are never satisfied, all they know is sit at home and keep demanding for money while their husbands work hard to make money, and when they are given money based on the capacity of the husband, they wount be satisfied, rather apportion blames that the husband is having affair with someone outside, who he gives all his money to, not knowing that, it wasn’t his fault, it was based on his capacity he gave!!