“Marine Cult Girls”Ten Moral Lessons That Every Parent Should Teach Their Children About The Incident.


    There was a case of a group of teenage girls who were members of a named secret cult known as the “marine fine cult girls” who were caught in Edo State. It was a very touching story to see those young girls engaging themselves in such an unwholesome act, I hereby beseech every parent to please teach their children these lessons I derived from the matter of this marine fine girls cult members, of which I know will be of benefits to every parents and their children most especially the teenage girls out there. These lessons are explained below:

    1. Parent should teach their children, especially their teenage daughters to be careful about going out with any friend they don’t know his/her background.



    2. They should equally let them know that bad companies corrupt good manners, so they should stay away from friends that are evil.

    3. Parent should teach their teenage girls never to follow anybody to an unknown place or house, or to carryout any operation that they know is against the will of their parents.

    4. Teach them on how to value and be contented with whatever they have, and how to do away with the spirit of greediness.

    5. Parent should let their teenage girls know how they can report any act that they know is against the law.



    6. Parent should help their teenage girls on how they can develop their self esteem, tell them they shouldn’t look down on themselves so as not to be victim of any bad initiations.

    7. As parent teach all your children not even the females alone, in the way of the Lord or Allah, as that will help them to flew from every evil behaviours.

    8. As parent, teach your teenage girls on how to protect their body, by wearing cloth that will cover their body not the one that will expose their body parts.

    9. As parent, let your children confide in you, this will make them to ignore every evil advise or opinion given to them by their friends.

    10. Lastly, this goes to all the parent, take a very good care of your children most especially your teenage girls, provide for their needs this will not allow them to be collecting money or materials things from strangers, advise them always, and teach them to know and do the right thing.

    Thank you for reading, your opinion is highly welcome, please share to your friends and family.

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