Nairaplay Members User Guide

Nairaplay Members User Guide Modified on 24th December, 2020.

This User guide is published to serve Nairaplay Members and Impending members the needed information on how to earn cash rewards and how earnings on Nairaplay will be paid out from this day on. Please note that changes to this user guide will be published here.


Nairaplay has two major ways of earning and affiliate membership is required for members to start earning cash rewards/making money on Nairaplay.

1. NARS Naira: Nairaplay Ad Revenue Sharing – With NARS Naira, Nairaplay Affiliate Members earn by login in to their Nairaplay Account Daily, posting valid comments, answering questions and even sharing post on forums and social media platforms.

2. NAP Naira: Nairaplay Affiliate Program – With NAP Naira, Nairaplay Affiliate Members earn huge commissions of up-to 70% on any item they sell on Nairaplay via their unique Nairaplay Affiliate Referral Link. This includes memberships, subscriptions and other items.

After Registration and Account Activation, you earn as follows;

  1. ₦1000 for Direct Referrals – Refer your friends and family to join Nairaplay Affiliate Community and Earn ₦1000 for every successful registration (unlimited)
  2. ₦100 for Indirect Referrals (Your Network) – Earn extra ₦100 when your referred friends refer their friends to join Nairaplay Affiliate Community (unlimited)
  3. Up-to 70% Commission for Shopping – Earn up-to 70% commission for items you buy on Nairaplay or items sold via your Affiliate Referral Link (Unlimited)
  4. ₦20 Daily Login Bonus – Earn ₦20 for login in to your account daily (Once a day)
  5. ₦5 for Comment – Earn ₦5 for every of your first comment on featured posts (Unlimited). Please Note that all comment earnings on posts which are not featured will be declined.
  6. ₦5 for Answering Questions – Earn ₦5 for submitting valid answer to questions on Nairaplay Talk Zone.
  7. ₦0.50 for Referred Visits – Earn ₦0.50 for every visit to Nairaplay from your Shared Post URL. (e.g: 1000 visits = ₦0.50 x 1000 = ₦500).


Nairaplay payment threshold is 1000 Naira. This means that you can make withdrawal request of your Nairaplay earnings when you have ₦1000 and above in your wallet.

How to Withdraw NAP Naira Earnings

Nairaplay NAP Naira Earnings can be transferred to wallet and withdrawn at any point in time. Visit the wallet page in your account menu and scroll down till you find the transfer form as seen in the screenshot below, fill it with how much you wish to transfer, then click on transfer now to complete the process. Your NAP Naira Earnings will be transferred to your wallet immediately.

NAP Naira form

How to Withdraw NARS Naira Earnings

Nairaplay NARS Naira Earnings are exchanged according to available ad revenue and paid out to members NAP Naira Earnings monthly. The NARS Naira Exchange form is available to members from 25th to 30th of every month.

How to get Nairaplay Affiliate Referral Link

To get your Nairaplay Affiliate Referral Link which you need to share and earn commissions for referring new members to Nairaplay Affiliate Community or Selling Items on Nairaplay, you need to follow the simple steps below:

  1. Log in to your Nairaplay Account :
  2. Click on Affiliate Area in your My Account menu or use this link:

In Your Nairaplay Affiliate Area, you will find Four (4) Unique Menu (a) Affiliate URL (b) Network (c) Creatives.

(a) Affiliate URLS: Here you will find your Affiliate Username and Referral URL. The Referral URL is what you share to invite new members who wish to join the Nairaplay Affiliate Community. To sell other items on Nairaplay, you need to copy the link to that item/product and past it in the Page URL box then click on Generate to get your unique product link.

(b) Network: This section contains a matrix view of all affiliate members you have referred to join the Nairaplay Affiliate Community. For a member to appear in your network, they must have completed their Affiliate Membership Registration.

(c) Creatives: Nairaplay provides you with promotional banners to make sales and promotions easy for her members.