Mistakes You Must Avoid In JAMB – (Before, During and After JAMB Registration) | Don’t Skip #10


If you are thinking about passing JAMB UTME Examination this year, then you need to study these mistakes made by previous JAMBytes and do your best not to make same Mistake. Some JAMB Candidates did not get admission into their preferred choice of institution because of these mistakes while some did not get admission at all and so, have to wait another year for another JAMB UTME Examination.

If you are serious about making this year JAMB Exam the Last you will ever write to gain admission into your preferred choice of institution, then you need to avoid the outlined mistakes below at all cost,

“Don’t make the same mistake!”


It is no news that some candidates have already started preparing for their JAMB UTME Examination even before the Registration form is out while others are still waiting for JAMB UTME examination to be nearer  before  they will start reading and making other necessary preparations.

If you are determined to score very high in your JAMB UTME Examination, it is better you start reading and preparing all necessities for JAMB Early. Don’t wait till when JAMB UTME registration is over or when you have a month to your examination!. #The_Earlier_The_Better.

Preparing for the UTME Examination is not enough if you do not avoid the silly mistakes mentioned below. Read till end and try not to skip any one of them.

MISTAKES YOU MUST AVOID IN JAMB (Before, During and After Registration)

1. Neglecting The Power Of Prayers:

This is Number One of the things you must avoid in JAMB if you really want to succeed. Those who neglect the power of prayers never get to see the end of a well written story. It is a good story to tell if you made your JAMB UTME Exam and finally get admission into your preferred choice of institution. But without prayers most people ponder and wander and never get to see the end of such stories… because, nothing ever seems to go right.
To succeed in your JAMB Exam and Other areas of your Life, you must put God First and commit all your plans, Research and preparation to God in Prayers else, your hard work might come void and in vain.

2. Buying JAMB Registration Form Without Making Proper Research:

It is an ERROR to go and buy the JAMB UTME Registration Form without making proper research on the things you need to know about the School/Institution, Your Department/Course, Cut-Off Marks, Subject Combinations and so on…

This is a common mistake made by most candidates. You should not wait for the Cyber Cafe’s or Your CBT Registration Officer to tell you what to do before you know it is right. As a student, you are expected to make proper research on your preferred Choice of institution and course of study before Buying the JAMB Registration form.

PLEASE NOTE: Yes, ERRORS can be corrected but they are better off if Avoided.

3. Asking Someone To Register On Your Behalf:

JAMB UTME Examination is a very serious one. It requires different procedures. Never you ask anyone to help you register. Do everything by yourself so as to avoid stories that touch.

4. Not using JAMB syllabus

The JAMB Syllabus is what I call the “JAMB Area of Focus“. This is where you will see the list of topics where your JAMB UTME Examination questions will be based on. JAMB will never set questions out of the syllabus. If you are not using the syllabus as your study guide to prepare for JAMB UTME Exam, trust Me; “you are making the big mistake!”

 5. You are not using JAMB recommended textbooks

At the end of the syllabus for each subject, there is a list of recommended textbooks. Make proper use of them and stop using textbooks that aren’t good enough to pass Jamb.

6. You are neglecting JAMB past questions

If you are not using past questions to prepare for your JAMB UTME Examination, you are making another silly mistake. That is the only guaranteed expo you can find for JAMB  UTME Examination. It will not only help you to prepare better, you will also get to know how JAMB set their questions.

 7. You believe there is JAMB expo or result upgrade

This is where most candidates gets it all wrong. They think there is JAMB expo or upgrading of result. The truth is, there is nothing like that. Don’t fall victim of those rootless fraudsters, Spammers and Scammers. Instead, Spend your valuable time reading and praying and trust me, God is on your side.

 8. Your JAMB targeted score is low

If you thinking about scoring 200 in your UTME, that is a very sorry case for you because, Day by day, lot of candidates are searching for how to score 300+, you are setting low target. Get it right, UTME Examination is a Very competitive exam. You need to be prepared.

9. You are not seeking help

Nobody knows it all, keep that in mind. If you think you can do it all on your own, you are totally wrong. Don’t let pride deprive you of what you are supposed to know.

When you don’t know something, swallow your pride and ask for help.

10. NOT Getting the right Information!

The saying that – “Information is Power. When you are not informed, you will be deformed” has never ceased to be true.
You must try as much as possible to get connected to those who will feed you with updates on current activities via Call, Chat, Text etc… Some of the Best places to stay informed is on Facebook groups:

Click Here or click the Link below To Join - Jamb, School News, Support, Admission and Screening Updates Facebook Group: https://web.facebook.com/groups/404597826869579/

And Don’t forget to always visit: www.pukforum.com/edu/ for latest School news and admission updates.

PLEASE NOTE: In whatever you do, try all your best to avoid listening to wrong pieces of information so that you won’t be misled.

11. You solve JAMB past questions more than you read textbooks:

I actually got this tip from hilearners. Trust me, this is another huge and costly mistake you don’t want to make. A lot of candidates fall victim of this. They just go ahead to buy their JAMB Past questions series, attempt them and cram the answers.

This is the wrong way of using JAMB Past questions. So, you should ask me, “What is the best and right way to use JAMB past questions?“. See it below.

  • To get the most out of JAMB past questions, read one or more topic(s) in your textbook.
  • After that, attempt related questions from the JAMB past questions.
  • Mark it and score yourself.
  • Check out the answers to those questions you got wrong.
  • Proceed to your textbook to check for explanation and to confirm the answer (they also make mistakes).
  • Continue like that till you finish every topic in your textbook.

12. You believe JAMB UTME Examination will be difficult

Whether this is your opinion or you were told, it is totally far from TRUE. UTME will only be difficult to candidates that fail to prepare. It is the easiest examination for serious candidates.

13. Mistakes In Jamb Profile:

Creating Jamb profile is the first stage of Jamb registration. You cannot edit it. If you made any mistake in your Jamb profile, the best way to correct it is to create another profile.

Make sure there is no mistake in your Jamb profile before proceeding to register at the approved JAMB CBT Accredited centers.

Ensure the right email and password is provided so as to avoid invalid pins and other common jamb registration issues

14. Not monitoring your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS:

JAMB CAPS is a new system introduced by JAMB in 2017 which became very active and most used in 2018. The JAMB CAPS is the students companion when it comes to monitoring your Admission status. It is easy and free. Click HERE to see How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal – Accept/Reject Guide

If you have read this post “Mistakes You Must Avoid In JAMB – (Before, During and After Registration)” please make sure you learn from it.


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