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How To Start” is everyone’s problem whether Young or Old, Rich or Poor, Educated or not, we all battle with this problem, so, you are not the only one fighting hard to just get that new business/trade/project started but here’s how to fight that life destroying attitude.

Yes, I call that attitude a “Life destroying attitude” because it keeps you away from what will make you become great or greater.

You have the idea of that new business you want to venture into already or get started with that Project that has been on your mind for long but “How to start” is the only problem holding you down till today 😢


Mention all the Great people in the World today, they all confirmed they actually encountered this same problem many years back before they eventually started and they are still facing it till today on other great ideas they have, how to get started still remains their biggest problem.

Tinubu, Dangote, Jim Ovia, Otedola and a host of others are facing that same problem but just getting started “Anyhow” is truly the only solution, there’s no 2 ways about it.

Don’t over think, just 👇

1. Start Anywhere You Are

You don’t have to be in Lagos or UK to get started. Start anywhere and then Relocate anytime you can afford it.

If you fail to start where you are and you end up saving so hard to relocate, the possibility of getting started in that new location is very very low as some new expenses or unforeseen hindrances might just set in and then you might eventually not get started at all again despite being in the new

… but if you get started in Ilorin (Where you currently reside) and then you see that the business is not really booming as expected but you know you will do more better in Lagos, save up in Ilorin, relocate to Lagos and then Continue your business (Remember you are not just getting started in Lagos, you are only continue it, which is more easier than to get started at all).

2. Start Small Or Anyhow You Can – It Will Grow

Sincerely speaking, this is the problem most of us have and we just have to learn how to live within our budget and believe it will get better with time.

It’s not that we don’t have the idea or proper knowledge of what we want to start or venture into but we just want to start big even when we know we don’t have the resources to start big.

This is the main reason why people procrastinate, dribble and keep postponing what they are supposed to do and this might end up stopping them from ever starting that Business or Project (Most people have wasted their dreams away).

Most of us forget that business grow and get big/large with time.

Coca-Cola wouldn’t have become the most consumed drink if they had waited to start big. They started and sadly they only sold 21 bottles in their first year but look at them today, they are the Most consumed drink in the whole world.

So, start from that small office, you will make Money and from there, you can move to a bigger space or even build/buy a building to use as your Office.

Anyhow anyhow sha, just get start first 😉

3. Don’t Over Think About The Future Before Getting Started

Yes, it’s a good thing to dream and plan of growing your business but thinking or over-dreaming of tomorrow or the future of a new business you haven’t even started can destroy you or stop you from ever getting started.

You will be scared and then pressure will set in. Just like a Student in Jss 1 thinking about how hard the University Mathematics questions would be, it’s an unnecessary pressure, avoid it.

Some Examples

* APPLE iPhone – If Apple overthought of the future, how they would create one of the Slimmest phone in the World (iPhone X) when they just started, they wouldn’t have ever started back then.

Check their first, second, third phones, E big die but today nko? Just start.

* HP Laptops

If HP overthought of how they will create the beautiful Laptops we use now when they first started, the fear of how to would have stopped them from ever getting started at all.

Check their Laptops back then, E big die and e slow pass Snail but today nko? Their Laptops are very very light, slim and very fast.


I remember the very first time I saw the image of the very first car Toyota made, I almost laughed to death 😂😂 It was very very horrible but look at their cars today, they have improved in every possible ways.

This shows that every businesses started from somewhere, and then they kept on improving everyday into what they are today.

So, just start and then you can adjust as time moves on.


Life is a process and a gradual process, don’t rush things except you don’t want to grow at all.

In conclusion, Getting started is the most important thing first, once that’s achieved, you can then move to other important stages and you will continue to grow.

Thanks for reading this piece, we appreciate you all and pray God continue to bless us all 🙏

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  1. How to start is not everybody’s problem,many are willing to start but the environmental problem, financial as well as other issues truncating their ability to start.some also are fortunate to have the above mentioned problems but are totally lazy or should I say lack the idea of what to do in order to begin.

  2. Starting a business and coming up with an idea that you think will spread and stick is an exciting process. But, unless there is a need and a target audience, all the work and effort you put into an idea with no proof will be futile. Ensure your idea is going to have customers, and build a business that actually solves a problem. At the end of the day, as much as you want to grow a business out of desire, there will be nothing that builds a business better and faster than need.

  3. Ensure your idea is going to have customers, and build a business that actually solves a problem. At the end of the day, as much as you want to grow a business out of desire, there will be nothing that builds a business better and faster than need

  4. Life is process. Most people believe to make it in life you have to be in Canada, Dubai or America, or be a scammer. But the truth of the matter is, starting early at the stage u are make you a great person, because were you are does not guarantee success, what guarantees success is how well you do what you do!!