My girlfriend wanted to sleep at my place, I told her I sold my bed, she smiled and did this – man*


Finding a life partner is not really much of an issue, because almost any lady will agree to be married.

Whats really difficult about finding a life partner is finding one who will stick with you through the thick and thin.

Someone who believes in your dreams who never complains but encourages and support you when life turns around.

  She wore his clothes and lay on the bed spread on the floor and actually feel asleep when they were gisting.

He couldn’t stop starring at her as she has never complained of anything before, instead she kept encouraging him.

Although things are not ok as he wishes he has plan to marry and give her a better life as she deserves.

   The beauty of every ladies is the character.

God Almighty is my defender and protector. I am not afraid of the thousands of enemies     who surround me on every side. Come, Lord! Save me, my God! You punish all my enemies   and leave them powerless to harm me. Prayer is the master key.