Nigeria Needs Help! Governors are being attacked even on the road like other citizens – Governor Wike


Rivers State Governor – Governor Nyesom Wike has yet again spoken up against the increased insecurity witnessed across the country Nigeria.

Governor Nyesom Wike who was paid a thank-you-visit by the Supreme Council of Traditional Rulers of Ogoni nationality at Government House, Port Harcourt on Thursday April 28, said the country is currently on life support and no one is safe in the country as Governors are also being attacked like other citizens.

He also accused the APC of refusing to protect Nigerians and also showing no capacity to do so.

He said;

“All of us are at risk because the party voted for at the national level have refused to protect us. They have shown that they have no capacity to protect Nigerians.

“There’s no day you wake up and will not hear that 20 people have been kidnapped, 10 people have been killed, army and police officers have been killed, police stations have been set ablaze, and children have been kidnapped from school.”


  1. Insecurity is what Nigeria is battling with, when other countries now live peacefully, and can sleep with both eyes closed, we all need to work together security is not one mans job, it is a job for the “ruler and the ruled”.