Osun is not bankrupt, Deputy Gov declares


The deputy governor, who noted that Osun was indebted like many other states in Nigeria, said that there was no logical parity between incurred debt and insolvency in any market economy around the world .

According to him, it is act of ignorance a piece published by some individuals in the print media recently, where Osun was being projected as near insolvency.

Alabi said owing to the rare managerial savvy of the Gov. Oyetola and his prudent nature, the adverse effects of coronavirus pandemic had not hindered the regular payment of full salaries to workers in the state, and other recurrent obligations.

He government would to continue improve the standard of living of the citizenry and providing enabling environment for their growth and safety.

”Our government remains committed to regular payment of salary and pension, as an integral part of our policy statement to make life more abundant for our people, against every pessimism from the opposition parties.

“I hope those who are skeptical about our position on the regular payment of full salaries at the inception of our administration must by now disappointed.

“It is gratifying to note that even at the peak of the pandemic, the government of Osun continued to pay salaries of workers in full and without delay.

“This is indeed a pointer to the fact that whoever is prophesying doom for our state needs to be isolated for special mental examination”, Alabi said.

The deputy governor also added that the policy of the state government on infrastructural development practically makes abandoned projects impossible.

He explained that construction of roads and other capital projects were basically Contractor- financed driven.

Alabi said that the brilliant idea was the initiative of the governor to ensure quality project delivery for the benefit of the people.

This brilliant policy of Contractor-financed system should be adopted by the federal government, as a strategy to forestall abandoned projects across the country,’’ Alabi said.

Source: Pulse Nigeria.

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