Port Harcourt Brothel Closed Down By Harboring Under Age Girls As Prostitutes


Port Harcourt Brothel Closed Down By Harboring Under Age Girls As Prostitutes

24 Hours Bar a Popular bar and brothel along Rumukurushi Port Harcourt Aba express Road was raided & closed down on Monday by National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons after a couple discovered that their 16 year old daughter was working as a prostitute there.
The bar is known to harbor underage sex workers. Most Young girls who were taken from their parents by family relatives or friends in the pretense of going to learn a trade, where found working as sex workers for price ranging from ₦1000 to ₦2000 per customer.

Further investigation by @Rivers_Facts revealed that these underaged girls were bought over by matured prostitutes from the agent who supplies them.
On arrival, the underaged girls are given a room in the hotel by their new owners who are matured and senior prostitutes and the underaged girls are also given a target to remit ₦15,000 daily to their madam who are the senior and matured prostitutes in the bar.

Our correspondence of Nairaplay also found out that  at the end of one year of service to the madam, the under aged girls are settled by their madam with items such as a bag of rice, an android phone, a carton of tomatoes and cash of ₦100 thousand Naira to take back home.
Now who is to blame here.. The parents, the girls, the hotel owners or their senior madams in the aramara industry?

It’s sad how people reduce others to slavery. Particularly underaged.
The blame is chiefly on the people who dubiously take these kids from their parents and sell them off.
Also blame on those who accept these underaged girls as tools of making illicit money.
Balme also on the owners of the said brothel. They run a dirty business against the law and also using underaged girls. Double evil.
Also blame on the parents who couldn’t look deeper or circumstances led not to cross check well before letting go of their girl child.
Also the people getting service from these underaged girls have a case to answer. It’s a kind of child abuse.

Also some blame goes to these girls. I believe in one time or the other they must have received certain moral instructions pertaining to this. I wish they would have held on to that. Again, they may have been held against their wish.
A bigger blame on the security officers, justice system and government for allowing the web of corruption to widen.

Stay tunned as we update u more on Nairaplay 

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