Schools can finally get out of lockdown with Luminate LMS


Since Covid-19 brought disruptions to life and living as we knew it, there has been an urgent need for people and organizations to adapt to the new normal. While some have thrived, there have also been industries and businesses that have been badly hit — one of them has been schools.

Schools can finally get out of lockdown with Luminate LMS. (Luminate)

The pandemic brought about the total lockdown of schooling activities, leading to schools exploring different options for digital transformation of their regular duties. With Luminate, a lot of the associated problems for schools will be solved easily. Regular and consistent teaching and learning can now commence online. This platform serves Primary and Secondary schools, Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges, Professional Bodies and other training bodies.

Luminate for schools offers a platform to set up teaching and learning activities for schools online. The platform helps schools create their own learning content and teach from anywhere, with very minimal data cost to both the schools and the students. Furthermore, Luminate is designed with amazing features that makes online teaching and learning interactive.

Schools can finally get out of lockdown with Luminate LMS. (Luminate)

Some of the immediate features of Luminate for schools include: creation and management of virtual classrooms, interactive live classes, instant feedback system, ability to create learning content in video and PDFs, access to a pool of quality educational content to enhance teaching and learning for students, attendance management, tests and assignments, and easy peer-to-peer-collaboration.

Luminate is free for the first month. It also comes in different packages to fit into any school environment with a monthly pricing that starts from N10,000 after the trial period.

The learning management platform is a product of Sidmach Technologies Nigeria Limited — a leading edu-tech software development company that has inspired transformative solutions for top education bodies in Sub-Saharan Africa for the past three decades.

Schools can finally get out of lockdown with Luminate LMS. (Luminate)

Speaking about the solution, Olumide Odeyemi, Sidmach’s Marketing Lead expressed that “Luminate was designed to solve peculiar problems for Schools in Nigeria and Africa at large. It’s time for us to help our schools survive and thrive in the new realities we now face; the only way to do that is by developing technologies that work, is accessible and affordable for users.”

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