Special Announcement on Puk Forum recent changes


Greetings Puk Forum Affiliates.

This Special Announcement is to notify Puk Forum Affiliates about the recent changes on Puk Forum.

1. Post Publishing

We sincerely apologise for the suspension of post publishing features on Puk Forum.

This is due to the fact that most content published on Puk Forum are copied from order websites with very little or no uniqueness at all.

Copied contents are highly detrimental to the growth of Puk Forum online community and could really affect the online Community negatively.

This is why we have not been approving most of the posts submitted by members. We are hoping to find a way to cub the situation.

Hopefully, you will get a feedback from us before Monday.

2. New Staff Assigned

Mr. Godson Obiazi of 08146599926 is now a registered member of Puk Forum support Team.

His dedication to the growth of the community is worth commending and so is all your contributions too.

Your contributions are being watched by the Puk Forum Team. We may contact any of the registered Puk Forum Affiliates for paid employment based on the field they have made the best contributions.

NOTE: Puk forum support teams have the right to also earn as other Affiliate Members the only difference is that they can be contacted for support on issues relating to Puk Forum.

3. Change in Affiliate Commissions

As from today being the 1st of May 2021, All direct affiliate referral commissions will now be awarded as N500 instead of N1000. Indirect referral commissions will remain N100 (Referrals from your network/downlines)

We sincerely apologise if this affects you negatively.

(4a). Commenting

It is important that you upload your credit Alert screenshot on the Puk Forum payout post every Saturday after receiving payout of your Puk Forum Earnings. This is important as it helps other members in recruiting and convincing new members to join their Affiliate Network.

*(4b)*. It has come to our notice that most people like uploading images in their comment on regular Post. This is not good. Such comments will not be approved except if the upload picture is required like in number (4a) of this announcement.

(4c). To curb irrelevant comment on published posts, comments will be closed for posts older than 1 day.


If there’s any other announcement within the week. It will be communicated to you.

Thank you all for your contributions and for being members of Puk Forum Affiliate Program.

Happy New Month and Happy Earnings to you all.

*Mr. Kingsley*
Puk Forum support team
Puk Forum E-Settlement


  1. I think point (3) would be felt by all, but any way the platform has tried in kind and in all aspect. We all are greatfull , but we hope to hear feedback on when publishing of post would commence again!!