Teachers need to be paid higher that Bankers


When I urged that teachers be paid like graduates in the banking sector to attract the best to teaching, some asked where govt would source funds. By cutting unnecessary luxuries. E.G.Governors, Ministers, Legislators, Commissioners and LG chairs etc have over a thousand convoys with a rough average of 6 cars per convoy. Cutting this cost and applying the savings to education can achieve good pay for teachers.

Teacher needs to be paid more than a banker because they are the ones that bring out the best in us, they see us through for nursery to primary from primary to secondary from university and from there to more higher degree so I think all these things are the teachers that work more harder than the bankers.


Do you think without a teacher there will be a banker?

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  1. Teachers should be the highest paid in the world, because teachers are like the future of the world, because if there is no teacher there would be no profession, and if there is no profession or knowledge there is no future, I think teachers should be considered more than any other profession.

    • Everyone is saying teachers should be highly paid more than bankers. Remember that teaching is not only done in institutions. Our every day life is a learning process.

  2. I agree with you seeing how our teachers of today spend and dedicate their time to ensure that we all get to achieve our dreams of becoming professional doctors,bankers, lawyers etc.
    So with that they deserve higher payment than the bankers.