The Dark Vodoo Religion In Benin You Need To Know


The Dark Vodoo Religion In Benin You Need To Know

Voodoo is a very mysterious religion which was first practiced by the Fon in Benin as it spread to nearly the whole Benin and some of its neighbours such as Togo,Ghana and Nigeria. In Benin, Voodoo is the country’s main religion.

In Benin, National Voodoo holiday is considered as a Public holiday in Benin.There is also a national Voodoo museum in the country.

The Voodoo god is Mahou, who is referred to as the most supreme god. There are nearly 100 other gods or goddesses, depending on different occurrences and events.

For example, Gou is god of war and blacksmiths, Sakpata is god of healing, illness and earth, Hevioso is god of lightning,storms and justice, Mami Wata is god of Water, Loas god of roads and crossroads etc.

Voodoo shrines are located near hardwood trees like roko trees as they are believed to have supernatural powers and are sacred.

Every voodoo believer is required to have a fetish. A fetish is a statue-like object that contains supernatural powers.A consecration rite is done by applying some substance to the fetish while reciting prayers and offering sacrifices.

Voodoo priests and priestess are the ones who ask the gods on behalf of ordinary congregants.The believe that their religion does not have anything to do with any type of sorcery or black magic.

If their gods grant their wishes, they must sacrifice two chickens.Shockingly, some Voodoo gods use natural herbs to cure the sick and poison their enemies.

They ask for offerings from such as chicken and sheep which are used as sacrifices.They also pour alcohol to the ground.This happens when you are asking for a wish or when your wish is granted.

Breaking eggs on the fetishes is believed to add power to the fetishes.People carry their fetishes even to the market as they believe that they will be guarded and protected by the powers.

There is also a Voodoo Fetish Market which has many mysterious items. Some of this pictures will surprise you.

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