There Is Nothing Wrong With Masturbation Says Nollywood Actress Sandra Benede


There Is Nothing Wrong With Masturbation Says Nollywood Actress Sandra Benede

Nollywood actress Sandra Benede has revealed that there is absolutely nothing wrong with self masturbation and that masturbating is better than getting intimate with just anyone,

She made this statement in a comment section of a post showing the video of big brother naija housemate Tolanibaj masturbating in the house

She wrote

“There is nothing wrong with self masturbation,that’s something I can do,it is better than f**cking just anyone”

While some have criticized her saying such so many have agreed saying she is right that at times masturbating is better

See some of the replies she got

What do you think about this?is masturbating really better than getting intimate with just anyone?

Tolanibaj is the second housemate who has been caught on camera masturbating since the start of the big brother naija lockdown season and this has raised eyebrows all over the country with many suggesting the show should be stopped as it doesn’t impact good morals on the viewers.

Nawa oo!! This world is turning into something else.

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  1. All those persons supporting her are all victim of masturbation… That is a very dirty act, y not go 4 deliverance if u are addicted to it.. Self pleasure means total doom of ur body and soul.. God have mercy on this world

  2. To be sincere is bad act if we look at angle if religious because is a sin but for aspect of saving you from do it any how with how is not wrong but it’s totally wrong to do this in public like TV show like this