Use This Psalm To Pray This New Week Before Talking To Anybody


    Use This Psalm To Pray This New Week Before Talking To Anybody

    Prayer is the master key to everything in life, one has to pray before one can achieve success, without prayer, everything you are doing is just a waste of time, one secret thing about prayer is that it is a weakness to the enemy while a strength for you, never joke with prayers

    Prayer answers in times of battle, it answers in an unexpected time, it answers when there seems to be no way, it answers when you lose all hope in men and hope on God, it answers for people to glorify God in your life, prayer is a blessing, never joke with it

    This is another new day which the Lord God had made, pray this prayer before talking to anybody

    1 Father, every evil agenda of the devil over me this week is destroyed

    2 As am stepping into this new week, success, inherited favour is mine in Jesus name

    3 Let my helper locate me in this new week

    4 No weapon formed, no trap set and fashioned against me shall prosper in Jesus name

    5 I declare the anointing, the blood of Jesus to cover me in this new week

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