What Do You Think About During S3x? LET’S TALK!!


During sex, a person’s head can be filled with a variety of thoughts.

It’s natural to have a variety of thoughts at your intimate moments, some of which are beneficial and others which are not.

Don’t get too absorbed in your own thoughts. When it comes to fantasies and favored sex positions, communication is crucial.

Contrary to popular belief, people’s minds do not frequently go blank while having sex.
It may not appear like there’s a lot of complex thought going on up there, but they do have a range of ideas before, during, and after sexual activity—some of which are totally healthy, while others are potentially harmful.

Justin Lehmiller, a Kinsey Institute research fellow and author of “Tell Me What You Want,” delves into the psychology of some of the most typical sex-related ideas and how to deal with them. This include; fantasies, concern about how big they are down there, when to cum, if they are doing it well and more…

What Do You Think About During S3x? – TELL US

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