Where Would You Worship If You Can’t Find Your Denomination


Let’s say you traveled or migrated to a new region (school area, City, village, new country etc). You explore a bit but, can’t find your denomination nearby. I don’t think that would stop you from going to other churches or a worship centers.

You may state your denomination in the comment section but Do not criticize or demean other denomination. Thanks for your input.



  1. Because worship is simply expressing your love to God. That means you can worship in the shower. You can worship in your backyard mowing the lawn. You can worship washing dishes. You can worship when you’re driving to work or making a deal or walking on the golf course. You can express your love to God anywhere and everywhere.

  2. God is not after the place of worship, as long as they preach the true gospel, and take note we are the temple of the most high God.
    He is not after the name of church but after the heart of men!!